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Celebrating Perinatal Mental Health Week

Every year in November, we joinour community and organisations across Australia to mark Perinatal Mental Health Week.

PANDA created Perinatal Mental Health Week in 2005 to help the community and health professionals to better understand perinatal mental health.

“Thank you so much for sharing my story during Perinatal Mental Health Week and shining a light on mental well-being!”


Each year in the second week of November, Perinatal Mental Health week creates conversation and awareness of just how many people and families are affected by perinatal mental health challenges, and where families, individuals and care-givers can find help, support and understanding.

We are proud of the work Community Champions, Clinical Champions, staff, volunteers and social media followers do to help us raise awareness. Each year our community shares their stories, hosts events, and raise funds to help achieve our vision of a society where perinatal mental health is valued and understood and where stigma and systemic barriers to seeking help no longer exist.

We also use Perinatal Mental Health Week as a time to share the voice of our Helpline callers – what they experience, how they feel supported and what life events are impacting on them.

We are so proud to be able to support our community as we all work to break down the barriers to getting mental health support.

Perinatal Mental Health Week 2022

Save the date for our upcoming Perinatal Mental Health Week campaign, 6th - 12th November, 2022. Campaign coming soon.

“It helped to recognise that others had gone through perinatal mental illness and were now doing better, because you feel very alone when you are really struggling, like no one can relate. The bravest thing that you can do to help yourself and your family is to ask for help.”


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